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"Good desserts are so hard to find now that I'm doing Keto and these cupcakes really hit the spot! their brownies are also the best ever! Everyone needs to try them!"

Alysa A.

Wow!! These are so yummy!!! If you are following the keto way of eating and need a sweet treat, this is where it’s at!!! Lemon berry is to die for!!!!Peanut butter! So yummy!!

Deann S.

I have tried so many of their flavors and I have not been disappointed in a single one! I was trying to think of my favorite but I seriously cannot just pick one! The flavoring is perfection! So glad to have such yummy Keto friendly cupcakes available in southern Utah! Weekly customer right here! 

Summer H.

These cupcakes are SO good. They are exactly what I needed. I couldn't even wait to get home, I had to eat one in the car. Thank you sweet keto cakes for being here in southern Utah and for being so delicious!!! I can't wait to try all your flavors!!!🎂

Desiree P.

So yummy!! I have been making Keto treats for myself in hopes to cure my sweet tooth, and nothing did it like these cupcakes! Esp the frosting :) Can't wait to try the brownies next!


Delicious and beautiful presentation as well! I can't wait to order more!

Marni J.

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