Our Story

Just 3 short years ago Robb, one of the owners of Sweet Keto Bakery, stood at the back of a family picture at his daughter's wedding. He always stood at the back to try to hide his size. After dabbling with many diets and fads and exercise regimes, nothing worked. He always found himself returning to his original weight and in this case, putting on more and more pounds after each failure. That's him at the back at his biggest weight, topping 370 lbs!

A month after this happy occasion he wasn't so happy when the pictures arrived. He knew he was big, but he didn't believe what he saw in those pictures. It was time to change, permanently!

Robb started with a simple low carb diet, tracking everything he ate. Not letting a cheat or stall stop him from returning to his new way of eating. The weight came off slowly, but it did come off. Finally, a year later he stalled out for three months, not losing a single pound. He was down 80 pounds, but still wanted to lose 80 more to get to a healthy range. That's when a co-worker told him about the Keto diet. After much research he switched. It was a subtle shift, tracking healthy fats and lowering protein intake, but it worked! Robb's stall ended. His weight moved slowly but steadily down again until he hit 250 lbs. He was down 120 pounds at the celebration of his 25th Wedding Anniversary. Here is a picture of him and his beautiful wife that day.


Robb's transformation drew a lot of questions from friends and family. His wife had joined him in eating Keto and used her lifetime of baking skills to fix him treats that helped to keep him on track. His brother, Jim, had a few pounds to lose but wanted to be healthier more than anything. He and his wife began eating Keto as well. Their mother joined the throng shortly after. Between all of them they lost well over 200 pounds and felt great and full of energy. 

With Robin's baked Keto treats helping everyone stay on plan, they knew others would love them as well. If they could start a business that would help people eat healthier and enjoy the ride, what could be better? 

On July 3rd, 2018 Sweet Keto Bakery was born. After several months delivering locally we started shipping some products in January of 2019 and all our goods in March. We continue to work on perfecting the shipping process every week and growing this Keto treat movement nationwide. We love the thousands of customers who have been our greatest advocates. Stay strong, love life, be grateful, and Keto on!