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Terms and Conditions

Sweet Keto Bakery ships your goodies as early as possible. 


 - We ship our frosting in cooled piping bags. This means you will need to apply the frosting yourself.

- We take orders until Tuesday night, then bake and ship your goods as early as possible. The date we ship is determined by the number of orders in front of your order. Due to increased holiday demand, we are experience longer than normal ship times.  We will send you 2 notifications when your order has shipped. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AN ARRIVAL DATE FOR YOUR GOODS! WE CANNOT REFUND YOUR ORDER IF IT DOESN'T ARRIVE FOR YOUR EVENT. 

- If you order and receive your package later than you wish, we cannot offer refunds or replacements.

Brownies, cupcakes and all other goods will arrive safe and delicious.

Shipping baked goods is at times very difficult. Due to the difficulty in shipping delicate frosting we have made the decision to ship our frosting in separate piping bags for you to apply. To repeat, our goods WILL NOT be frosted when they arrive. Our cupcakes and frosting DO NOT NEED TO BE COLD WHEN THEY ARRIVE! We send them with cold packs to keep the frosting from melting. If your package sits in the sun for more than an hour we cannot guarantee the frosting will not be melted even with our ice packs and insulated containers. We cannot replace melted or separated frosting.

Thank you

Sweet Keto Bakery