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Raspberry Chocolate 8 Pack

Raspberry Chocolate 8 Pack

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What more can we say than Raspberries and Chocolate together! The raspberry frosting needs no extra flavoring, it is infused with fresh raspberries making each bite a delightful experience!



Net carbs 2.4 g

Fat 29.5 g

Protein 5.6 g

Calories 445



 - Due to Summer temperatures we are now shipping our frosting in cooled piping bags. This means you will need to apply the frosting yourself.

- We take orders until Wednesday night, then bake and ship your goods early the next week. We will send you 2 notifications when your order has shipped. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AN ARRIVAL DATE FOR YOUR GOODS!

- If you order and receive your package later than you wish, we cannot offer refunds or replacements.

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